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Wood And Composite Deck Builders And Contractors In Winnipeg

We are experienced wood and composite deck builders and deck design in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Ontario. (Kenora, Lake of the Woods & Surrounding Cabin Country) We can help you with designing and building your future projects.

Our deck builders in Winnipeg provide a multitude of uses for customers, increasing resale potential, all the while creating lasting memories from time spent on them.

We can help you with your outdoor deck project:  

  • Building a new deck (new construction or established property)  
  • Resurface an existing deck (wood or composite)  
  • Above ground pool decks  
  • Adding to or accessorizing an existing deck (eg. Pergola)  
  • Conceptualize and construct an outdoor living space (our landscaping department  can help too -link to landscaping page here-)

Decks come in two primary options:

  • Wood (brown pressure treated)  
  • Composite Decking

Wood Decks & Outdoor Living Spaces

Wood is the most well known option among homeowners for decks or outdoor living spaces.

Notable factors about wood decks:

  • More cost effective compared to composite  
  • Easier to install (less time to build generally required compared to composite) 
  • Railings can be: wood, wood with metal balusters, aluminum  
  • Splinters easy  
  • Fading occurs yearly  
  • Yearly maintenance required (results in annual yearly costs)  
  • Decks boards subject to warping/curling/separation

Composite Decks & Outdoor Living Spaces

Composite decking, although requiring a greater initial up front investment, offers a  low-maintenance decking option which holds up to the temperature extremes of  Canadian weather. One of the most visible differences of composite decking compared to wood is the wide array of colour and pattern choices to that of wood. Composite decking offers the beauty of wood, with an array of colour choices that can reflect a  home owners personal tastes or accent the home itself, without the drawbacks of potential corroding, splintering, and yearly maintenance.

Notable factors about composite decks:

  • High durability / Low Maintenance  
  • No staining or painting required—saves time and money!  
  • No risk of rotting, twisting, splintering, cracking or warping 
  • Vast selection of colours  
  • Railings can be: aluminum or composite  
  • Easy to clean  
  • Mould, rot, and fungal decay resistant  
  • Weather & Warp resistant
  • Long life & Long Material Product Warranty

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